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Car Control And Drifting At Oulton Park Saturday 25th July

Steve H

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Hi Fellas

I'm one of the organisers with Trackaction-Online we're a trackday forum and we run a few of our own track and driftdays. For our next club event we're off playing on the Oulton Park drift stages on Saturday July 25th and we'd like to invite and Manta owners along.

This is a bit of what we get up to –




This is a great fun event and a good way to learn how your car reacts when it runs out of grip. As an extra bonus, even after a full day drifting, the low friction surface on the drift stages at Oulton give virtually zero tyre wear! There are two different stages to practice on and we limit the numbers to ensure everyone gets plenty of tracktime :thumbup . The surface also means that you don't need mega horsepower to make it drift and it's pretty gentle on the car (brakes, engine, fuel etc!) compared to a normal trackday.

List price for this one is £140 for the day but we are doing a club rate of £120, extra drivers can sign in for £35 and passengers for a tenner. Free instruction is included so it's no problem if you haven't tried it before - if you'd like to come along please shout up on here and I'll PM you the booking details and a discount code .

Hope a few of you can make it!


Steve H


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Hi Rick

Thanks for the comment, the driftdays are a lot of fun, much more relaxed than a normal trackday and a bigger grin factor.

Distance is always an issue but it's pretty easy to get to off the M6 and we've got guys coming up from Kent, they usually stop over the Friday night but they are pretty knackered when they get back on the Saturday evening :blink: .

I reckon it's probably about two hours for you isn't it, well worth the drive up :lol: !

Steve H

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