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V8 Manta B


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Unfortunately I haven't done the conversion, but have done plenty on Rangie V8s.

Are you planning to rebuild the V8? Only reason I ask is whether people have used the low compression version of the Rover V8 for a Manta. Due to being fitted in a 2 ton on/off-roader the V8 fitted in the Range Rover was de-tuned to get maximum torque and power right low down in the rev range- therefore lacking top end power and revs..

I believe the gearbox out of a Rover SD1 or similar Rover V8 powered car is used for the conversion but there are numerous better qualified than I to answer this I'm afraid.

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Here's a basic guide to the conversion parts you'll need:-

1) Modified sump and pick-up pipe to clear crossmember

2) Engine and gearbox mounts custom made

3) Adapted brake servo to clear one of the heads (smaller VW unit)

4) Custom made expensive headers, very tight fit between engine and steering column

5) Hydraulic clutch system (don't use an SD1 autobox!)

6) Slightly widened trans tunnel close to bulkhead, plus a Jaguar linkage to shorten from SD1 type

This is basically just to get the thing in, you'll also need to consider your water and oil cooling, propshaft and even the little things like your rev counter will need recalibrating and all the gauges won't work unless you swap the sender units over.

I'm currently on a pause from the very same project you're considering mate. As Blockhead rightly says, a rebuild is really a must since the expense, time, effort and engineering involved with the conversion makes the rebuild seem like an easy and fun job on the list. I've got my V8 all stripped down and basically every tiny component will be replaced with the best that's around like ARP fastenings, modern composite gaskets, uprated timing gear, mallory ignition and I've even bought the Edelbrock chrome rocker covers and adaptors couple that with the Weber/Edelbrock quad-barrel carb, at a quick glance the top end will look more like a Chevy small brock rather than Rover. Only reason for the pause is not with the engine or the conversion itself, it's the stupid rotating and random hours I work making me feel like an insomniac one day and a narcoleptic the next -_- zzzzzz.........

.......... :wacko: plus the trouble I'm having with my shell which is a late 70's B series. Any help or advise you need give me a shout buddy and there are several others around who've done or are doing the RV8 to manta trick.

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I'll eventually dig out the mounts and sump and get some pics for you, it's all moth balled so to speak. As for the tunnel my last V8 was a 1988 manta exclusive coupe and the only modification here were several mallet blows to widen the tunnel/bulkhead opening to fit the bellhousing back enough to mount the engine in an ideal position. The current car, the early B series I'm learning to fabricate things properly so as soon as I'm at that stage I'll know myself.

There's also the additional tunnel top modification I need to make on the early B as standard they have a 4 speed ZF gearbox with an awful gear change, which has become a particular pet hate of mine with regard to mantas. Given the ergonomically perfect position of the manta 5 speed Getrag stick position and change movement I really can't understand (with the exception of originally) why anyone would want to have a 4 speed over the 5 and when I hear of 5 speed conversions done with the modified 4 speed linkage I can't help but think of it as spoilt. With the Rover SD1 gearbox with Jag linkage, the stick is in the exact place of the manta 5 speed plus the added benifit of a right side down reverse over the left up of both the manta and a standard SD1. With a shell originally as a 4 speed like mine, the gearstick hole is close to the dashboard rather than the handbrake so you can either chop the hole tunnel top off to replace with a later car (5 speed) or cut out the surround of the 4 speed and weld up the hole, then make you own raised and level recess to fit the original surround further back. Just cutting a new hole would do, but that's a bit of a bodge up. I'm guessing when you say manta B hatch you're referring to a later car with a 5 speed in which case all this work is saved.

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