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Urgent! Exhaust Routing Help Needed


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I've inherited a rather annoying problem with my Manta. I've put up with it for a few years but it's getting beyond a joke now.

Being an XE conversion the exhaust & manifold are custom made. The problem with it is where it sits under the car. Its routed directly under the n/s gearbox mount bolt, and touches the cross-beams under the floor front and back. Not only does this transmit vibration into the cabin, but it's effectively lowered the car by a further 2.5". This consequently makes going over speed bumps - even piddly little ones - very difficult and has battered the exhaust, no matter how slow I go.

Can anyone email me pics of their XE conversion's exhaust so I can see how you've routed them?

And also, if poss, a pic of how the original 1.8 Manta exhaust was routed?



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