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Which Flywheel On My C30se Conversion


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Hi guys, still plodding on with my conversion, baby seems to take all of my spare time so its a very slow process! I've pretty much got the wiring loom sorted, and I am now struggling to mate flywheels and clutches between the block and the box. What has anyone else used??

Eight bolt holes on the crank, a 12v flywheel with 6 holes though there is only four to bolt the clutch to it (is that right?!!)

Its giving me that much of a headache I'm now contemplating just sticking one of my redtops in it!!! At least that can be done without finding somewhere to put a rad!

Please help, starting to get dispondant!!!!!!!


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OK, I'm now getting a 12V flywheel remachined for the 24v crank so thats sorted.

But now I'm looking at the size of the back of the block, can anyone confirm that the Manta GTE box will bolt up to it?!!

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I use a 12v 3.0 and they utilise a getrag 265 gearbox and the gte uses a getrag 240. There is a substantle difference in size with regards to the bellhousings. The clutch is also a lot bigger, 3.0 engine is 240 mm and i think the 2.0 is 218mm.



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Hi i had mine done at a machine shop he plugged welded and drilled out the 8 holes to match didnt cost much well worth it i havent had any problems at all, as for the radiator i used a mk5 escort i think it was off a diesel i went hunting at the scrap yard to find one and fitted it right in the four slot part so i could run the exsisiting fan set up, i did trim the blade down a bit she ran fine with no over heating problems, i tried the twin electric fan set up and thats what im on at the moment again scrap yard nissan fans i think.



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