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5 Stud Hubs / Axle


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Has anyone fitted or does anyone know how to change the hubs / axle from a 4 stud to a 5 stud fitting?

What did the Manta 400 use? Monza parts?

And does anyone know what size of wheels the Manta 400 used on gravel?

Thanks for any help.

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Not quite that easy as 400's use a one off steering to hub mount but the rest is commo or monza gear the wheels are 5x120 pcd and are 15'' the width for gravel would have prob been 8''.The std Ronals are getting hard to get now and also the tyres are non existance if wanting to run the 10'' but you can get hold of other types of wheels in 16''+ for bmw's with same pcd's.

If your very lucky you maybe able to get a 5stud kit from ebay.de they do pop up but they are rare and tend to go for big bucks but finding an intact commo or someone willing to break a 400 will prob be just as hard.

Good luck

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Too true Sean,

Unfortunately, d'guy's that seem to have breakable commo's (...as a good coupe is tooooo sexy to destroy!) seem to be the kinda people that are selling a dead nan's car and dont want to see it stripped or people don't deserve to have found d'car! :blink:


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