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Anyone Cutting Up A Coupe?


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hi, still after a coupe to chop up?

i have decided to bin my project, a 79 cav coupe, none sunroof, in white . slight surface rust at front of roof from where a tarpaulin has been. this is only surface and not rot. wil probably rub of with fine sand paper. the boot floor is pretty good as well. its a bit scabby around the rubber bung at the bottom of the spare wheel well, but other wise solid. i know a prvious owner has carried out a repair on the bottom edge of the rear valance but i dont think it effects the bot floor.

i have already pm' d another guy today who also wants a coupe roof. i have no idea what coupe roofs are fetching, that said i know when someone is taking the mick. lol

if you still need one and are intrested let me know.

i am in derby de5 9rf

email at sean.davis@talktalk.net

01773 748682

07527 035043


I'm looking for a good coupe boot floor and a non-sunroof coupe roof. Willing to travel!


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