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East Midlands Meeting At Gunthorpe 2nd July


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Last year's Billing event fell 2 days after our monthly meeting at Gunthorpe in Notts, this year is no different. I purpose we do as we did last year and move our Meeting at Gunthorpe forward by one week to 2ND JULY.

Is everyone in agreement? or should we move Billing back one week to 19th July :blink:

Your views "Team Manta" please can we do both events even?

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Cool - think next year they should move Billing for us :P

Can you all keep things crossed that I manage to move house by then or I am going to be a right miserable cow

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I'm not being Billy no mates again I did that once and got some funny looks :o

is the week after any good for anyone its ok for me - at the minute

Steve whenever it is don't forget my Binders - I ordered 4 cheers

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Hi everyone

I'm going to be incredibly sad now.

At the last East Mids regional meeting the subject of HID bulbs came up.

I have OEM AFL headlamps in my car (56 plate Astra VXR) which use a bi-xenon headlight for the dipped beam (incorporating a shutter/projector mechanism to complement the main beam (full beam) bulb hence the "bi" bit).

I have the Philips X-treme Power H7 for the main beam stand alone bulb and Philips Bluevision W5W for the side lights.

I made the point that xenons by their very nature are HID. HID is not something new. Yes, xenons have been around for a while now but they are still HID.

However, there are some new very bright bulbs, possibly illegal, available nowadays as after market solutions and these are the HID type also. Personally I do not rate them and like I say they are dangerous and banned in Europe and the States.

So to conclude - both my xenons and these new bulbs are HID type bulbs. But I know which I would like (see 3rd and fourth paras above)

Anyway forget all that because LEDs are the future! lol

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