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Michael Jackson Passed Away :-(

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Id like to post something in a positive way...He was an absolute icon to me from as far back as i can remember.

I for one am really upset to hear the news. :(

If you are a fan, then this is a must see...Really shows his perfectionism with his dance moves from earlier stuff until later...Id like to remember him with the curled hair, white t-shirt and socks just looking cool as f*ck.

Check out 1 minute 50 seconds...Pulling moves like that...back then...

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As an ageing rocker and a huge fan of anything loud, ACDC, Purple, LedZep, you name it i listen to it.

The best concerts i EVER saw were the 1988 Bad Tour at wembley and the Dangerous tour same venue in 91 absolutley world class and now after his sad death i feel privelged to have been there. Long will they live in the memory.

Remember him for his music and the rest will fade into insiginficance.

He'll be bigger than ever now which is a sad ending to his troubled life.

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Yes his music was quite good and no doubt at his peak he was a fantastic showman and inspirational to many but for the life of me I cannot understand this blanket coverage of his demise for me Michael Jackson the Star died a long time ago.

I'm sad too about Farrah it doesn't seem that long ago that I was playing Charlies Angels in the playground and we always argued over who got to be Jill :(

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