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Hello From Perthshire, No Manta Yet But Viva Content.


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Hello everybody, I'm grant.

I dont have a manta but I want one so will check on here every so on to see if theres ones for sale in my area.

I currently do have a Vauxhall viva I copied this from another forum.....

Well since buying the car i've been attending shows with it and thats really all the driving the car does. I bought an xe to put in it that i've got for sale on here just now but I decided to leave it original and show it in its original form. The plans were to leave it original but lowered slightly and subtle banded steels and a stelth exhaust Its only been to 3 shows this year one of which was judged ( and this was the bridge of allan show which they only awarded 3 prizes for the whole show rather than catogries so no rossetts this year haha :lol: )

Well the car has done 44000 miles, I have the bill of sale, it was part exhanged for a 1968 105e anglia by a Mr davies in bristol, it then spent alot of its life in cornwall, going back to bristol before coming up to scotland 3 years ago or so.

Since getting the car I clayed the bodywork, machine polished it then treated it with several Auto glym products, as the picture shows :roll: I took these with my prices to send to Auto Glym.

Last year I got a 4th at the angus show, a 1st at the ladybank show and a 2nd at the mearns show. The car got a 1st there the year before with its old owner.






Cheers Grant

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welcome grant nice viva you have there , see in one of the pics in the boot you have a bit of string to hold the spaire wheel in place, was that a after market thing ? . did any of the judges nock of any points off for that ? you need to get some new rubber on that sucker and put your xe in it , might be a half desent car and fun to drive , i would feal like a old grandad driving that stock viva tongue.gif you ever had her over 45 laugh.gif i can see how you want a manta , good luck matey cool.gif

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