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A Series Front End Squeaking


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After i've got a bit of heat into the front end The a series seems to develop an anoying squeaking noise that seems more pronounced on cornering.

I thought it was the bearings at first , but on inspections they seemed to be in good nick.

The calipers seem to be working as they should too.

Anybody else got any suggestions of areas to check?


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hi there. if the squeaking is rotational then chances are it will be the pads.try removing the anti squeal pads if any are fitted.or try copper greasing the faces of the ones that are there.or remove pads & sandpaper the faces & edges. failing that if all else fails fit new pads (assuming calipers & pins etc are ok) .all break pads squeak , its a by-product of 2 parts rubbing together ,its just that normally its out of our hearing range!..

another squeak i once came accross was as the car was going over ups & downs in the road. not rotational..turned out to be a front lower balljoint that had gone dry/worn. hope this helps you. cheers .

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