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Just Bought My First Manta (A)!


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Hi all, have just bought my first Manta..a late 1972 A series 'SR'. I would post a

pic, but not sure how..!

Only mods to her are a Manta B 5-speed box, and injection from a Rekord (I think...).

Delighted with my purchase, but have a bit to learn about Mantas, so I'll

be joining the club, and hopefully gaining some knowledge!

First question...the car is late 72, actually registered Jan 73. The previous owner ran

the car on straight unleaded fuel. Is this OK, or should I be using additive?



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Hi FP, welcome to THE place for Manta addicts.

Think you need to reserch some history on the Manta you've bought, i would have thought it likely that anyone going to the trouble of of converting the car to injection would have also done an unleaded conversion or used a latter cylinder head/engine that can run unleaded.

Your Manta isn't white by any chance?

By the way where abouts are you from? you never know you might have another 'Manta nut' just round the corner from you!

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Yes, a history search is on...I've put a post in the 'Projects' section of the forum, with her original English reg number.

She has an 'OMOC' tax disc holder on the windscreen, so I guess there's a chance someone on here might know her.

She's in Ireland now, I'm just on the southern side of the border. Car is white alright...good guess...or are you thinking

of my car..?!

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