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New Forum?

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hi all. im not new to the forum & have been on it for quite a while now BUT i am new to this new revised layout. am i the only person who cannot understand it? if i post a reply to a topic then it dissapears. i can never find it again under (view new content) i assumed this was the same as the old style view new posts .i seem to get used to using a website & then it changes !!. same as ebay!

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Hi Pete

you really been gone that long???

Anyway the best button to press is the "todays active content" on the left towards the bottom of the forum homepage this will bring up all the current stuff and is more like the view new posts. There is a thread in the members section "Well done Stoo" that explains alot of the changes and is helpful when finding your way about B)

Welcome back

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View New Content works that it shows items that you have not read, so if you've posted a topic, you've already read it!

But don't worry due to popular demand in the next patch-version there is the option for you to change it back to how it was (which is technically a flawed way).

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its just me that hates change!! thats probably why i listen to eighties music,drive 70s & 80s cars & have a philips colour tv from 1973 with sliding loovry doors...

just wait now for the insults to roll in !!!!

ha ha just jokin !

apart fron the telly it sounds like you live with me lol you dont wear flares as well do you :P

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