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Tracing A Series History - Lar353L


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(Mods, if this isn't the right forum, please feel free to move this!)

Folks, I've recently required a 1972 A-series. I'm in Ireland, but the car was originally English, and it

still has the original tax disc on the windcsreen. The reg was LAR 353L. I would love to know if anyone

on here can help me out with its history? I know its a long shot, but she has an 'OMOC' tax disc holder

on the windscreen, so maybe whoever had her is still here?

Its white, with a vinyl roof, but I believe she may have been green at some stage of her life. She currently

has a 5-speed box, and injection from a Rekord I was told. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks muchly.

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Hi Moodoo, in your saying hello and welcome thread i asked of your A was white.

A one time Manta club member who's name escapes me,used to run a body shop in the Lea Vally north of London had a white A series that was fuel injected and Five speed,but i'm sure this one didn't have a vinly roof, and being a body shop owner this car was immaculate.

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That was definitely John Sneddons car. He ran Brookwood coachworks. The car was white with a black vinyl roof and ran a B series rear axle. Not seen it (or him) for years so nice to know the cars still about.

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Not this year but the previous 2 years John was at Billing, had a stall on the autojumble with his friend. The car was sold about 2 years ago on ebay. John was well into the A series mantas and could turn his hand to pretty much anything.

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