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Swap Black Exclusive Alloys For Silver Standard Wheels

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I'm looking for a reasonably good set of silver standard GTE alloys with centre caps as I've had enough of the combination of lowered suspension and massive wheels on my hatch, I already suffer from Rye neck from all the shit work I've done for a living!! I'm attempting to get the car back to a more original(ish) appearence so being an A plate the black wheels it came with would suit a later car or perhaps one that has exclusive kit on, I'm trying to get an early interior too!

So I've got a set of four black/anthricite GTE Exclusive alloys with their caps and would be happy to do a straight swap for those so long as the condition is good. I don't mind a bit of kerbing on the edges just so long as there's no massive gouges in the spokes. Or perhaps some mega tasty looking 17's but they'd cost extra, or of course I could buy your wheels if they're not overly pricey.

I can collect within a 100 miles radius of West Oxfordshire.

Thanks, Rick. 07809 329211 or PM on here.

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Rick I think I have a set in Silver with good/mot passable tyres on..I will check for you tomorrow as im doing that SHIT WORK you mention :angry: oh and you can ave em as theyre worth sod all and I dont want another set of sodding wheels in exchange Ive got 4 or 5 sets dotted around the garden now.The centre caps maybe a problem as Pat uses them as frizzbies.

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Aw! That's very kind of you thanks. I'm sure I can get some centre caps off ebay or something, if there's a weekend or sometime you're free then please let me know and I can come down and pick 'em up.

I'm tripping over wheels myself I've got about 10 lined up one side of my workshops wall and a couple in the boot of the hatch, no silver ones though.

Thanks very much, Rick.

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^ I had these advertised in the for sale bit of the classifieds, but I've not long deleted the pictures of them, doh!

I think I had 'em up for £35 but bear in mind they're not mint and I've been drifting on the tyres so they're a bit knacked. Once I've picked up my silver ones, I'll be flogging the 17" ones on my hatch currently as they're a bit hardcore for me it turns out :D About time I had a wheely good sell up!!

Thanks, Rick.

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