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My Manta has been off the road for 3 years and im about lose the garage space its stored in........dads kicking it out! I don't think its needs a hugh amount doing as it had a fair bit done about 5 years ago (sills etc) but I am not able to do it. Can anyone recomend a good (trustworthy) bodyshop that could look at it? (im in Worcester, West Midlands)

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I took the desicion to go ahead and start getting the manta into a solid state rather than leaving it in my folks garage rotting away, As suggested I got in touch with Chris Collier who duly came to Worcester with a trailer and agreed to take on the work required (some work on the 'A' pillars, repair panels for the rear arches and lower rear corners and odds & sods of rot underneath). My sole plan at this stage was not a full immaculate restoration but just to get the rot out of the car so it could go back in the garage for a bit longer without me worrying that next time I opened the door I would find 2 seats, an engine and a pile of reddy dust on the floor!

As with most mantas the bit of work for Chris didn't quiet turn out that way but hey thats life! I now have a solid car that should be around for a longer than it would/should have been and for that I would like to thank Chris for his hard work over the last few months (and my bank manager for not bouncing the cheque) and would recomend his work to anyone needing some work doing.

As I said it turned into quiet a lot of work and Chris uncovered some pretty scary bodged repairs but its all done so enjoy the photos (theres lots!)DSCF2411.jpgDSCF2412.jpgDSCF2413.jpg




taking longer than I hoped to upload the photos so I will have another go at it tomorrow night .


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Horray, back on with the manta.........well nearly!

I promised myself I would start doing a bit every week when I got the car back from Chris unfortunately I went sking and dislocated my knee which put pay to that!.

I have decided that now the car is solid again I will concentrate on getting the engine sorted before getting the body work looking nice so I dont then scatch it getting the engine put in. I have just got my hands on an Sd1 V8 minus gearbox and a few bits & bobs so I will be on here for hints and tips regularly :) , will post more once I have the picked the engine up


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