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? 4 Pot Calipers - Help In Identifing Same Please...


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Need someones expertise here please lads.....trying to figure out what my 4 pot calipers are off off, as i need to refurbish them....

they are similiar to the volvo 240 girling 4 pot system but its got an additional brake fluid pipe hole at the side of the caliper (see pic) - the girling has a smaller hole for a bleed fitting, extra inlet hole is to link this with one of the dual main inlets on the opposite side. With this link, i only have a single brake fluid feed pipe from the brake cylinder servro to connect etc... the hole may have being drilled also at some stage for this set up - its hard to tell if this was the case...

The piston size on this mystery 4 pot is 36mm, which is the same size as the standard volvo 4 pot caliper (38mm also available!) it had a seal inside the piston housing and the outer waterproofing seal etc..

Picture one shows the standard 240 caliper, while picture two shows the caliper i need to refurbish which i dont know what it is off!! - i have circuled the areas that are differing for those who may be able to tell me what this is off....therefore i can get the correct parts etc..for my refurb.. I have also tried to put notes on the pictures, (excuse the poor wording as the program im using isnt showing up the correct spelling...using diffeent symboles for some letters!!)

im aware that there are 2 volvo 4 pots - the girling and the ATE - the girling being the 1st picture and the ATE - i do not know what this looks like..... could this be an ate volvo 4 pot????

when i bought the car long go - the previous owner understood them to be Austin princess 4 pots, but there not!! i have a set of these and are bigger in size and the pistons are 38mm etc...

Any help would be appreciated....need to get car back on the road for whats left of the summer!!!!



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Hi Barry,just click on the link below mate,and give them a ring,they will be able to help you.They can refurb them for you,or supply you kits so you can refurb them yourself.It may be a good idea to measure the pistons (o/d)and get all the casting numbers from both sides of the calipers,and also a makers name (girling or lockheed etc)if there is one of course.Hope this helps,cheers :thumbup


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