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Essex Area Meet Venue Burnt Down


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I don't know if anybody else has heard, but apparently the Spread Eagle pub in Margaretting had a fire overnight on 5/6 August. I don't know if any meets were planned for there soon, but may need to think of alternative arrangements.

Anybody fancy a one off meeting say at the Dick Turpin pub on the A127 near Basildon next Thursday 13th August?? Just a suggestion!


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Sorry mate but the way you post has appeared in the Recently added items menu it looks as if you are responsible for burning it down!


It does a bit doesn't it. Wasn't me this time! Thing is that's a bit too close to the truth in some ways, remember Southend Pier fire about 4 years ago!!! Was an accident but...................oops.


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Yes, it is true. I heard it on the radio and have since confirmed that the roof has caved in with one of Les' mates (who partially owns Larcomb Engineering which is on the opposite site of the road and gave us permission to park on their front). Please check your mag for meeting dates - the next one is due to be held on Sunday 13th September from 12.30.

Due to the short notice (and the fact that I am on holiday myself for the 2 weeks prior to this) the September meeting only will revert to the Dick Turpin. This isn't ideal due to the difficulty pulling into / out of the car park there following installation of the 'average speed cameras' on this section of the A127.

I have a couple of other ideas for future meeting points, trying to keep them relatively central and on easily accessible, main roads, so that members / potential members living outside of the immediate area can find it without too much of a problem in the future. One of these is situated on the A414 (Fox and Goose), so maybe we can encourage people from the Harlow / M11 areas to attend as well for a change.

I will also post this notice in the 'events' section. Unfortunately it burnt down after I'd already submitted the next magazine article so please pass this on to anybody you know as unfortunately I do not hold email addresses for all of our members.


SE Area Rep

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