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Hi From M&m Dronten

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Hello Manta fans,

We from M&M Dronten can still supply a lot of Manta A and B parts.

We have a lot of new imitation parts, that can be found on our weshop www.mmdronten.nl (also in English, most of the time you can only see the photo of the left hand part)

For example Water pumps, wheel bearings, tie rod ends, ball joints and a lot of body work parts

Can't find your part on the webshop? please contact us we may can still help you

But we have also a lot of new and used original Manta parts (that aren't listed on the webshop yet).

For example:

Right doors Manta A and B

Bonnets for Manta A and B

Bumper Manta A and B

Front wings Manta A and B

In an other Topic you can find a completer list of our parts:


Our company is located in the Netherlands so please contact us about transport costs.

With kind regards,

M&M Dronten

Pioniersweg 78

8251 KR Dronten


tel: +31 (0)321-318635

fax: +31 (0)321-338564



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Do you by any chance have a passenger door for a B?



Hi Daz

i have to look if i have passenger (Left) doors for manta B, i will tell you in oncoming week.

I do have 2 right doors for a Manta A and a right door for manta B

I will post some pictures of the Manta a doors:





The black door is new and orignal, it is a modified Ascona A door, now it fits a Manta A. it Costs 200 euro

The blue door is an orignal used door in good condition, costs 125 euro.

I will at more photo's later this week.

by the way, we have wheel arches for 23,80 per piece VAT inlcuded!

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