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Hi everyone,

new look site? very snazzy. I'm still hunting for a nice Kadett coupe (preferably auto), that's been months now and there's so little on the market. When i first started looking last year i realised it would take a while but didn't realise quite how rare these wee cars are. As some of you will be aware i tracked down my gran's original kadett coupe earlier this year, after much searching i found out that it's really just a shell remaining and that it's awaiting track car preperation.. gran is very proud! haha. :D

Are there any specific Kadett clubs? or expert Kadett'ers that would be able to advise on where and what to buy. I've been tempted a couple of times by project coupes (cars that i could steadily restore into wht i want) but i thought it best to hold out just incase there's an original somewhere, am i just wasting my time though? lol. Anyway folks hope everyones well on the Opel scene!

Rory :thumbup

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I might know someone who has a Kadett City (hatch) auto that might be for sale soon.....

i'm considering anything now, especially if it's an automatic - i've become such a lazy driver since buying an everyday automatic car :unsure:

what colour is it?, condition?, age? keep me posted :thumbup


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there isn't a specific club for kadetts in uk, and its not til you want to buy a kadett that you realise how few there are left out there.

i dont envy you. finding kadetts for sale is hard, so if you want a clean example, or an auto, or a coupe, then you really are limiting your options

you can spend an hour on the internet and there's always manta 'a's for sale which are older cars, but sometimes the only kadetts you can find are on german ebay. and they go for upto 10K euros depending on spec.

i had to join the chevette owners group this year so i could attend the billing show and get my kadett in there.

look on 'total opel' and 'vxopel' forums as the irish seemed to get more kadetts than we did for some reason?..

best of luck anyway, if you don't fancy the city auto that the previous guy mentioned.

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The Kadett city looks great (and its a low mileage auto) but i have decided after much consideration to hold out for a coupe (probably a stupid thing to do) that wee car will sell quickly tho im sure as it sounds like a good car! I decided this morning that i've waited this long i may aswell hold out for what i really want and hope is out there somewhere. It's a shame there isn't a club for Kadetts, i'll just have to keep my eyes peeled and now i've remembered my login for vxopel i'll be checking that regularly too,

cheers :thumbup

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there's no kadett club but it would be nice if us owners could put that right in the future. try this link:


if you haven't already been on there. its a forum alistair macauly got started, and if we could get more kadett owners on board (and wanna be owners!) then it might develop into a club/register. which would only be a good thing for fellow kadetter's to buy n sell their cars and parts etc etc. post a wanted add up, you never know, might get a reply? at the moment your best hope is to watch ebay and omoc etc

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