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Loved Mantas Since I Was 11Yrs Old!


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Hello to all great Manta fans out there! as you have guessed i am a bit of a newby on here, but i have been a fan of the Opel Manta since i was 11yrs old, ( i am now 29!).

Anyway to cut a long story fairly short, when i was a young lad, my dad purchased an Opel Manta GT/E from a friend of his, this car I always loved when his friend came to visit! it was immaculate, and definately a head turner and i loved it (still do).

When he bought this Manta i was over the moon, and as a kid i used to follow my dad around everywhere, and we always ended up going in the Manta! Anyhow as the years went on, my dad decided to sell it to get a new car! I was gutted to say the least, not just that he was selling a beautiful sports car, but all the old memories we had on our road trips in her!

Well he finally sold it but the car stayed local (Congleton) in Cheshire! i used to see it daily on my bus ride to college, then all of a sudden it disappeared!

Right i guess you guys have heard enough of my sobbed story now the the business! smile.gif

Now that i am grown up and in a good position to make things happen, I want to source this particular opel Manta GT/E.

I have tried searching everywhere for it, and this is my last option! I tried looking on Ebay pistonheads, and I even did a vehicle check on a DVLA web page and to my suprise, the car is still alive, unsure of how alive but she aint been scrapped yet, so this is where i need your help?

Does anyone know how i can source where this Manta is so i can try to buy it back?

All i know is that it was

Opel Manta GT/E Coupe

2.0 ltr injection

Reg: D44 OWE

Colour: White

it was last taxed in 1998

I hope one of you peeps can help me with this cos i want to save the car before someone decides that its time to scrap her! i'd want to save her, and restore her back to her original former glory! its not been scrapped according to DVLA records! I got so many memories with my dad in this car, my dad is old now, and i want to find this car, so my dad and i can restore her if needs to be.

if you do have ideas on how to find this car please email me on indeee8@hotmail.com.

Thanks and i really do hope someone can help me locate our old baby!


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Yeah I will! Thanks peeps, and yes, if you could keep eyes peeled for this manta GT/E. been told to make friends with a cool policeman and get them to run a check on the car lol.... ok, where do police people hang out lol???rolleyes.gif

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If the car has unfortunately gone the way of many - sad as it is to say - then perhaps you could enquire with the DVLA at what point would they consider selling the Reg Number to you - don't know too much about this, but surely getting hold of the plate and an identical age and model for restoration would be the next best thing...

Like to know what you decide...

I will keep my eye's peeled and ears to the ground - though some say it would look stooopid ;)

Just seen this http://www.brmotors.co.uk/manta.html... may need to call as no reg visible tho' hope to hear good things

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