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Old Skool Ford Meet


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Went to the osf meet last night that they hold at the Wingspan club in Crawley very wide range of classic Fords from escorts to pops with well over 40 cars attending well worth a visit if your around the area they certainly travel for it one guy was over from Denmark.Sad to say it makes the pub meet we scrape together look very sad.

We were invited back to the Old Skool concours they are having on 6th Sept at the same place as I said before if your near then go will post a pix of some of the cars later. :thumbup

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Just to remind you that this is happening this weekend and they inform me they will be having a class for all none fords that arrive.

So come along with your mantas its funny to put them alongside modded scorts and alike that still have cart spring rearends

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I spoke to John the orgainser of the event and he thanked all of you who turned up :thumbup:thumbup he seam to like our cars and enjoyed the change of mark.

Strange to see more mantas at a ford meet than attend the manta one :thumbup

Cheers Ben and Andy for bringing your cars

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I opened the Nov Classic Ford Mag last night & they had a report on this show - INCLUDING A PHOTO OF MY GRANNY :D massive win!

I'd scan it in if I had a scanner, but here's a pic for those who don't know her..



Sorry it's not a Manta, the V8 is my biggest priority for the new year :)


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