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Help, Need A Photo Of Manta B Gt/e 1982


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Hi everyone

I work for a publisher and we're developing a series of magazines with die-cast models all about Opels. Our second car is the Opel Manta B GT/E 1982 (white) but we#re really struggling to find photos of the real thing. Does anyone have any high res pics of this car that I could use in the mag?

I tried using the club contact email by the way and it's currently not working.

Can you contact me at emmathackara@eaglemoss.co.uk



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The 1982 model GT/E wasn't sold in the UK, we didn't get the GT/E until the facelifted model came out in the summer of 1983. If it's the facelifted car you're after there are a few white ones in the club. Best person to contact is our Publicity Officer Charlie Middleton (user name Welder). He also owns a pre-facelift left hand drive GT/E in silver if you want an earlier car.

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The 1982 model year was the changeover year from black plastic bumpers and a 2-slot nose to painted plastic bumpers and a 4-slot nose. Which type were you looking for?

I have a replica of a 1981 GT/E (same as the early 1982 cars) in RHD that you could use if you're looking for the former. I've got magazine articles and advertisements for the same type too, and that could help you with the detail differences between mine and the genuine article.

For the latter, any number of people on the forum can help you as they were sold in the UK, so they're pretty common still.

Charlie's is a genuine GT/E, but it's 1979 so it has the chrome bumpers.



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