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Rear Valance

Exclusive Opel

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Is it possible to modify and use a coupé lower rear valance on a hatchback? I know it doesn't have the exhaust cut out and the pressings under the bumper are different but I just really need the bit you can see under the bumper. Isn't the coupé slightly narrower than the hatch? So don't know if it would be too short.


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ive recently bought anew valance and iwas told that it fits both cars? iwill offer it up tommorrow and check for you? also all the new panels that i bought are surplus to me as iam putting 400 kit on? thanks steve.

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The hatch back is about 10mm wider than the coupe (at the infill panel alone) I noticed that, when trying to fit a coupe infill on a hatch.

SO basically the hatch is wider than a coupe. I did the same thing; got a aftermarket 'coupe' panel for my hatch, 'thinking' it would fit.

It's not even the same shape!! The section of the panel (below bumper) has a different angle. My opinion?? I reckon a panel for another model

of car might fit better than the coupe one. I'm thinking mk2/3 cav. Either way? def needs a bit of fab-work.

I reckon the hatch lower rear, would be easier to fab than a coupe one.



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I thought the coupé was a bit narrower. I went on the assumption that if the later rear bumper from a coupé doesn't fit a hatch then it may not fit. Just wasn't sure if anyone had 'tweaked' one to fit. Hopefully I may not need one, I haven't prodded and poked yet as it's my daily drive at the moment and don't want to open a can of worms as the garage if full of Astra and 16v engine bits so no where to sort it out yet.

Just trying to plan ahead.

Thanks for the replies guys :thumbup

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