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Finaly got my Manta back on the road after long, painfull and expensive couple of month on public transport.

she's a 1987 GT/E Exclusive hatch and shes been a real labour of love, heres some pics


The guy before me gave her a full re-spray, replaced the wings and had all the welding done, meaning the body is in fairly good nick.


if you look carefully you can see a dint on the left side of the opel badge from a "good sumaritan" pushing me out of a parking space when the gearbox failed.



Stuff ive done

new gearbox.

new clutch - which is why the gearbox broke).

new clutch arm - from a cav.

new suspension - SPAX psx. the old springs had been chopped down 40mm and the rear ones had actualy snapped also all but one of the dampers were blown.

origional wheels put back on.

engine tuned - hydrocarbons where at 3000!

radio ariel reinstalled.

DAB radio from old car installed - oh yeah planet rock.

leaking fuel tank fixed - dangling breather pipe

hundreds of bulbs and fuses replaced.

Stuff that needs doing

spot lights have stopped working - not the bulbs or the fuses, mabey bad earth.

interia light missing inside roof somwhere.

anoying dint above the grill.

exhaust battered to peices - a result years of it being lowered and on low profiles before i got it.

Re-paint the rocker cover.

quite a few spade connectors and terminal blocks lying around not connected to anything.

if you guys can see anything else from the pics or know how to sort any of my problems out please let me know cheers.

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Looks damn nice from the outside especially debadged. I take it you've given the engine a fluid and filter change as you're going to be relying on it again? The spot lights don't work as there aren't any :lol: and a place like 'Dent Wizard' or whatever similar franchise is local to you can sort out dents inexpensively and without knackering the paint.

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Cheers Rick, when i had her tuned they gave her a full oil, coolant and filter change as well and a new distributer cap and plugs, they also made the fuel air mixture a bit leaner. lol and by spot lights i mean the middle hi-beam lights, they worked intermitently for a while about 6 months ago when i changed all the fuses and bulbs but now they've died again ive traced them back to their earth points, screwed them out clean the ends with wd40 and then flux cleaned them and the holes and still no joy i'm gunna have another go today.

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there should be a relay on the feed to them coming from the starter motor, the relay is normally on the passenger inner wing or front panel, if the relays packed in they will have no feed , worth a look :)

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  • 2 years later...

Summer 2010 Post crash "what can we do for £20 to make it look less crashed" Sesh

In January 2010 I managed to bounce the old girl off the back a Golf TDI by sliding uncontrollably down an Icy hill. The Manta, being a sturdy monument to “They don’t make’em like they used tuh” suffered a case of cracked bumper and light pod, with a dash of dented panel. The Golf however, being a 55 plate amalgamous crumple zone on wheels, (I don’t like little, fast, FWD hatchbacks, I blame them for the death of the working man’s RWD GT) Suffered £4,000 worth of damage according to the insurance company. But anyway, being in the Turd party, fire and theft crew, I broke out the fiberglass tape and covered all the smashed bits, finishing it off with a coat of light blue modelling tape.

One sunny afternoon during the summer, me and my mates decided to see what we could do with £20 to make it look at bit more presentable than my lovely tape job, while I tried to source replacement panels, bumpers and light pods etc. and since I was on apprentice money at the time cash was tight and parts were scarce. worst off all, the gold GT/J that i had been stealling things off at my local scarpyard had just been crushed :(

So this is the story, retold in epic Technocolor! Basically because I’ve just found the photos.


First the bumper had to come off, which it did quite easily untill my mate sat in the drivers seat to "Put some tunes on", crushing my head and slicing my nose open. Great start...


One of my mates thought this was really funny and took lots of pictures, despite me swearing my head off at him.


Gave the rocker cover a polish while the filler was drying, also put the battery on charge since we were using radio :P


Rebuilt the smashed corner with a cannoe repair kit £6 from the tent shop ;)


And sanded it to shape...ish. it got alot more sanding than this don't worry.


Primer goes on, sun sets, car reassembled, driven to work for another week. Car dissasembled, cleaned, re-primed, it's paint time!


Bumper passes the man on a galloping horse test :D


Just as i finnish the first coat on the wing the heavens open and it rains non stop all weekend, too slow with the tarp, no paint left to do over, oh well it'll do till i get a garage.

Yeah still no garage now in 2012 and even less money since being laid off. BUT, I won't be defeated! I will still keep her running mechanically, keep cleaning her and fighting the sea air. I just hope she’ll forgive me for neglecting the bodywork until I have a place to retire her for a full rebuild…

On the upside though I have sorted the following since…

  • New Exhaust - stainless and pretty much straight through (Gotta love being Cat exempt B) )
  • Inner headlights now working :D
  • Soldered new contacts onto the brake light mounts, who ever came up with that design must have been on something :wacko:
  • A fair amount of welding, not by me, yet...
  • A proper, expensive, oem 2.0L clutch cable, not the £6 rubbish from Ebay that are too long and snap after a couple of months. (I'm now pro at driving without a clutch)

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I've had the car 4 years now and have had a few run ins with the law, normally because I’m under the bonnet after a break down and they think I’m trying to nick it, side repeaters have never been mentioned once. The best one was being pulled over for "aggressively" accelerating away from a roundabout, not speeding, just had 5 people in the car and needed more beans. He wanted to check I had an MOT because my car “smelled”…

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  • 3 months later...

A lot has happened these past few months and I got my old job back, so with the money rolling in again operation “Bodywork for Billing” is now a go.


I was asked to go down to Leicester a month ago to work on a new student accommodation building at De Montfort Uni and having just been taken back on I could hardly say no. Since I was working away all week with a company car, I decided to “de-front end” the Manta and make sure all the bits I’d amassed fitted nicely. But as the path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil’s own satanic heard, I got called back up north to pull another job out of the shiz and had to have a frantic Sunday night re-assembly sesh, hence the wonky bumper and one red light.

So now everything is riding on the Jubilee weekend being nice or I’ll have to find some form of road legal car Burka for Billing…

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Operation: Bodywork For Billing

Yes it was raining this morning and yes

my mother dearest didn't want me ripping the car apart while she had guests round, but i said I'd do it this weekend and i did!

Firstly everything had to come off to be painted out of the rain inside the garage.


I also assessed all the bits i would need to sort out.


Car Cancer...


Car Cancer in a dent...


Yet more Car Cancer


New Lamps from Holden


Lifting rotten old lamps with tinfoil repair job :rolleyes:

Spraying the Light Bezel




Lights done.

Objective: Airdam



The plan was to paint over the Decals and then peel them off to reveal them in red against the new blue, but it didn't work :(


I love the colour and finish of primer, I might do the whole car mat battleship grey...


Airdam done





Not a bad days work if i do say so myself B)

Rear arch tomorrow, if not some time.

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Ha ha i wouldn't get your hopes upStradacab, i used Holts Mini Mix from Halfrauds in the middle of a hurricane and the nose cone is quickly becoming more fiberglass/filler than metal :P. Once i get a garage big enough though she'll be getting a Mickappy level resto. :)

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