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Mint 24V Senator


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This ad is for a memeber of the Autobahn Stormers who has limited access to the Net

These are his words

The car is a 24v auto. I think it's a 1992, it's on a private plate B6 SEN. The colour of the car is described as black but I think it's a dark grey colour. It has a light grey leather interior which is in VERY good condition.

I have owned the car for about three years now. I bought it of a member called Lionel who lived near Oxford. Lionel's hobby was to try and create the best Senator in the land. He did not drive it much but just worked on it. When I bought the car, the only true description I could give it was just about concourse. Ever nut and bolt on the car had been replaced. Because the car spent so much time in the garage Lionel had removed the air con compressor and he had replaced the adjustable suspension. The engine had been fitted with new chains and tensions and chipped and he told me that the gear box had also been chipped. It had been fitted with EBC brakes and braided hoses but I have replaced the discs and pad with non-EBC stuff.

The car has just turned 80,000 miles. I bought it with around 60,000 on the clock and have changed the oil and filter every 5,000 miles.

There are a few very light scratches to the pain work where clothing has brushed against it but other wise there is not a mark on this car. I have driver Senators for about 20 years now and I can truthfully say that I have not seen a car in this condition before. Some are as clean but they do not have this car's history of being rebuilt. There is no rust. The rear arches, nor any other part of the car have ever been welded. The only problem that I know of is that there is a rattle when you go over a speed hump or similar. I'm sure that it is the heat shield on the exhaust down pipes which has come loose and can be moved. The car is also fitted with what I'm told is a Richard Brunt stainless steel exhaust with chrome rectangular tail pipes. It had 16 or 17in wheel on when I bought it but I have replaced these with refurbished CD alloys.

The only thing which is cosmetically missing from the car are the pin stripes. Lionel did not like them so when he had the car repainted he did not have them replaced.

If any one wants any more details please let me know





Graham is looking for £2000.00 ovno. Yes it's alot of money byt this is a very geniune car and i dought you'll find another like it.

Anyone interested please contact Graham direct on 07729902039 but the car has got to go by the end of the month



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