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Back On The Road Again


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Today was the first shakedown before setting off for Germany next week, despite the wind,rain and spray, it put a grin on my face and its surprisingly grippy in the wet, well apart from a couple of interesting moments coming off roundabouts on the A1 heading back over the border to Scotland



Makes the Senny look like its jacked-up, lol.


Back home again in one piece and the driveway is getting full again



Hope my attempts at posting photo's have worked :blink:

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Absolutely love it!! The wheels don't half set it off! Is it a 2.0?

Hi Col,hows you then mate?Cars looking very nice,whats this trip then?Don't suppose you'll be going via Birmingham :lol: you could pop in for a cuppa.If your drive's getting a bit full,if pushed i'd give ya £150 for that old shed of a senny :lol::lol: Speak to you soon Col,cheers :thumbup

Sorry Col and XL391,just noticed what i've done :blink::blink: Didn't mean to use your speech bubble DOH :lol:

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Hi chaps,

Thanks for tne comments all of you, :thumbup

Leon, the badges are part of the 'B' post trims and are the same on all the Sportshatches,

Paul mate, I'm off to the Nurburgring for a week or so to play all day every day (well until the Euro's run out) and watch the World Superbikes this coming weekend, its gonna be a blast.

XL391, yep it started life as a boggo 2.0 from Anth Knight, then had the 'Agra Engineering' treatment, now its a 2.2 on R1 carbs and sounds rather differant to its original state.The wheels are Minilites b.t.w.

Midasmesh and Keith Cheers matey's, think I've packed everything I need . . . . . :blink:





And a couple more that didn't seem to link first time???



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