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Manta B Project Underway!

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Thanks to Kev Abbott I could make a start today on the bonnet. First job was to transfer the details from the template to the bonnet.


Then a little bit of cutting!!

Top skin




Repeat on the other side and then cut out for the triangular vents


Not decided what to do with the frame here yet, may cut it out but I wanted to keep bonnet latch so need to think on this one a bit more


And then see what it will look like


Need some tiger seal to bond them in then I will put back the frame work I had to cut out to put rigidity back in before I start with the filler.

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Collecting at weekend but heres a preview the paint shop sent me

Car collected from painters today as deal was once built he would give it a good once over polish etc in case I scuffed it during build. Job now officially complete:-

Ready for the MOT I thinks:-

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Started off with the bridging filler


And a bit of elbow work


And more elbow work


To end up with this


Now it's time for the easy sand filler to plug small imperfections.

Then more elbow work!

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A quick trip down to my unit this morning and a an hour later after a little welding the sump guard was refitted to the 306.

That means the rest of the day is manta time!!

Cracked on with bonnet including fitting to car so I coud fit the brackets in the right place for the omega bonnet lifters:-



I will do a bit of prep on the u deeside of the bonnet first but basically it's now ready to go to the paint shop. Once there it will get a final flat ting and going over by the experts before paint goes on.

The end is in sight, I feel sure of it!!

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Just incase your all wondering it's still at the paint shop! Special arrangement I have means it gets done in between insurance jobs. But it's coming along !

In the meantime I have stripped the mk2 escort ready for the group 4 Tarmac build.

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Good news!

(Ignoring the fact it's my last day of sun here in lanzarote it is anyway)!!

Just heard from paint shop and all the final prep is complete and everything is now in high build primer getting ready for top coat!!

May have it back this side of Xmas !!

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picked up the bumpers and side skirts from paint shop today so I now have everything back bar the rear spoiler. For that he wants to get some paint additive to give it a bit of flexibility to help prevent future cracking!

Already replaced door pins , rear lights, boot lock etc but taking my time with the headlining refit.

held up at mo due to damaging one of the plastic inserts the wire bars sit in on the roof side rails.

I hope I get chance over Xmas to progress the rebuild.

Choice of what alloy wheels is currently under consideration??

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