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Brake Shoe Spring Replacement


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Im having some real problems trying to replace the brake shoes on my Manta axle.

I've got everything back together but I cant seem to get the top spring that attaches the two shoes together back on. Is there a knack to doing this? The spring is very tense and I cant seem to get enough leverage on it. I've been trying and failing ALL morning!

Advice very much appriciated

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This is how I refit mine.

You need an old spring and a pair of Mole Grips. Hook one end of the old spring to the free end of the Manta spring and clamp the Mole Grips very tightly to the other end of the old spring. Pull like hell and use a large screwdriver (fingers NOT recommended!) to push the end of the Manta spring over the wire clip (or whatever it's called). Sometimes it's works first go, other times it takes a couple of attempts.

Hopefully the photo/drawing will explain it a bit clearer.


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Just refitted mine about 5 minutes ago (other side next!)

I fitted everything together and got a pair of mole grips on the end of the spring, and pulled like hell! Got a bit of leverage off the actual hub too. When the end of the spring was caught I tapped it fully in with a screwdriver.

Hate fitting shoes, always have always will!

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As a matter of interest................How were these fitted at thje factory, as I'm sure they must have had an easier way !!?? <_<

Always wondered this myself!

Having done both sides now, I still don't have much in the way of a handbrake. It holds the car on a hill with little bother but if I try to pull away with the handbrake still on there is very little resistance. Handbrake turns aren't easy either (always a good test!)

Any ideas?

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