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Manta Hatchaback Gt Xe 16 Valve (New Mot)


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Just seeing if anyone is interested in my 16 valve hatch again, if not then i might try it on ebay.

A basic description is that its a 1986 hatchback GT 1800 with a 16 valve in it. Has 15 inch tsw stealth wheels 4 good tyres, a part scorpion stainless exhaust, polo heater box, GTE interior all gauges working, cd player, recent new fuel pump, alternator, timing belt, water pump and crank sensor (within 1500 miles). The bodywork is shabby in places but the cars not rotten, passed mot on saturday with no problems which surprised me so its tested till september 11th 2010 and taxed till end of december. the cibie oscars have seen better days but they do all work through a heavy relay wired to main beam and through the spotlight switch on the dash.

In a way i dont want to sell the car but i could do with some funds for my 400 project and i have a vectra GSI now so the manta doesnt get run very much anymore. Ive mainly used it for some rear drive sideways action its by no means a beuty! But it keeps taking the punishment and should have a few years left in it yet. The engine is running very well and pulls strongly, bit tappety when cold but its never got any worse. I may try selling my vectra soon aswell once i get an mot on it but one or the other has to go. I may even consider breaking it sadly as i do need funds to get my 400 project underway again.

If anyone wants ill get some fresh photos some night this week, under bonnet and bad bits of bodywork ect.

Not sure on price but the car is located on the orkney isles, im quite often going south for different reasons so it could be delivered for a reasonable cost. Its got to be worth £1200 now its tested? Any offer considered.







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Hi Brendan,

Could you give me a better idea of the condition of the Manta? A few pics of the rusty bodywork would be good.

What like are the inner sills and front chassis legs? Any other soft or botched bits that you know of.

My girlfriend wrote our one off last night so we're pretty pissed off and want to get another one as soon as possible!

My email address is bovrobertson@yahoo.co.uk if thats any easier for photos.

Cheers Peter.

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As i said its no beuty, roof around sunroof is crusty, sills have been patched over at the rear (i didnt notice this when i bought it) has hhas patches welded on inner wings, chassisn legs are pretty serviceable last time i saw them and theres small holes in the nosecone. the bottom edge of the rear wheel arches are also holed. Nothing is terminal, it just passed a test last week and like i said its got a few years left yet. I would say the bodywork is rougher than the underside. If you want a tidy car this isnt it, if you want a useable 16 valve hatch then this is it! Im not asking much money for it, any less and im better off breaking it which would be a shame. Ill try and get new photos this week, its raining quite heavy tonight but ill get them asap.


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What are peoples views of what the cars worth? I dont want to start the big price debate that sometimes kicks off but between the gearbox, engine, mounts and sump thats a good £500-£600 aint it? thats before you start on any other parts. Theres a tidy white hatch on here the same age which this has most of the same bits for more than twice the asking price of this with mot till october so im not sure, i paid £1600 for this with little tax and test and a few issues!

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Like I say a couple of photos of the worst bad bits would be good. I'm really interested in the car, if the body isn't too bad I might even use it to reshell my one. If you could give me a ring about it sometime shortly on 07787947279 that will be spot on. The sooner I can get something sorted the better as i'm now carless and it's a real pain.

Cheers Peter.

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Yes its still availabe, ive been busy the past few days and havent been on the site.

Im going to give it a clean up and get more detailed photos today and put up. Providing it doesnt rain again today!

Im not sure why you would want to re shell a car into this? I wouldnt say its suitable for that as its mechanicals are definately better than its bodywork! And what would you re shell into it when its got a 16 valve and GTE interior ect???

If theres then no interest in the next few days ebay it will have to be :(

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When i say reshell thats not technically what i mean. What I would plan to do would be to use you're shell, engine, running gear etc. There are still a lot of useable bits off my one, good roof, inner wings etc and i'm not scared of a bit (or a lot) of welding. If the car was then painted dolphin grey with my plates/vin numbers thats the closest i'm going to get to my old car.

Still very interested and would be willing to take the car as soon as possible. Once you've got some more pics up you can either phone me or give me your number and we can hopefully sort something out.

Let me know, cheers.

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Aye there would be nothing wrong with it for those pursposes, ive taken pictures of the worst bits of bodywork (its pretty much rained all day) It also has the little bits all along the sides which the rubbing strips were fixed to sticking out. I can get it up on a ram on monday and take photos of underneath if you like. Ill be working a nightshift the next 2 nights so i wont be on till tommorow at some point. If you want to take it we can get something sorted out early next week, i wont have my phone on me while at work im afraid. One more thing is that GO battery is off my vectra and ill be putting the one that was on the manta back, i left the lights on the other night so its charging up :rolleyes:

Something else i forgot to mention is the car has a toad alarm/immobiliser with certificates.



















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