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Manta In Germany

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Gahhh! That's horrid! He's made the front end look like an Audi before they made decent cars. Apparently the reserve is nicht erect :lol: at over 1000 euros! How much could he possibly want for it?

Maybe its a typo and he ment 10 Euros, that would be more like it:D! funny how tastes differ, people there may actually like it:unsure:, but its just not our cup of tea. It must have had some thought go into it at some point but he may well have been on some kind of mind bending drugs at the time, and where did the inspiration come from!!??....very bizarre.

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Saw this manta in germany (berlin) recently. Nice to see they aren't all insane!


Just after finding that extreemly strange coupe, I found an A series that had been turned into a rag top! Im not a great fan of the A but this looked really cool, I will try and find a pic.

Here is the rag top A.


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