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Project Manta


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The start of a new project. i hope you can see wot i've got to start with, i'll strip it out this week and see the real damage under the carpets etc! i still need to decide to keep it as a manta or make it into a mancona 400!!! john :thumbup













for people like me who are to lazy to click :P

(but do have enough time to type IMG code's ) :blink:

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for people like me who are to lazy to click :P

(but do have enough time to type IMG code's ) :blink:

im just lucky i even got the pic's on!!! :D

day 1 today, i stripped the inside out! OMG :(My link




img codes???? sorry i aint got a clue????

tomorrow the roofcloth and sunroof out!

where is the best place to get metal in the northwest for repairs (new floor and jacking points?)

:thumbup john

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Good luck John, i thought the car was gold... not orange rust colour :lol: Those patio doors are gonna take a beating if all that rust is going to be removed outside!

Mancona it, Manconas take 6" less welding on the chassis. ;) Although that front panel looks ok.

I like the mole grip bonnet pull, glad your binning the boat anchor too.

Steel, i use dexion shelf panels for body gauge, cheap, strong, painted. For chassis stuff... get friendly with a local fab shop and pull stuff from the weigh in skip, it's normally in smaller pieces and you can get loads of gauges.


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