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Manta A Series V8 Supercharged

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Like a kid a Christmas today when this arrived, couldn't reaisit whacking it on a slab of wood and making brum brum mad max noises

But of late night welding, got one manifold done, bloody hard work trying manipulate torch around tight space and the collector, bit of die grinder action needed to tidy it, but I'm happy with my atte

Managed to squeeze nearly a full day in on the manta, finished up the near side cill and body mount As I was on a roll I got the drivers side done too! ht now the floor has come up 8

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yesterdays progress

One mount done, just needs drilling for bolt



Cracking on with bulkhead to get some rigidity back




Bead rolled a detail in this panel but I don't like it, so itl be redone just flat


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Today some more satisfying panel work, really pleased with how it's coming along now




stiffening up the front end I removed the braces I welded in some time ago, so had a mess around with dash and steeringn column, which has thrown up another challenge. I will have to bring forward the column and dash to suit as the bulkhead is 3 inches into the cab now to keep the engine bay cleaner looking. Also my pedal arrangement will need some more thought too I reckon. All good fun!



Also can't remember if the column originally is on a slight angle? Either way it'll be straight once mines fitted. The more I think about it the more I'll

Probably end up making my own dash from scratch

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really does make a flat thin panel look good and much stiffer


 I have read somewhere in the past that the swage lines rolled into a panel are not just decoration, they are there to stiffen the panel to prevent it vibrating, perhaps not so immportant on a race car, but a harmonic vibration on a long motorway journey would drive you crackers.


 I am guessing the X style swage's are done to put stiffening across the centre of the panel, the area most likely to vibrate.

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After wrestling with the wind putting up a fence spent an hour in the garage.

Bent up the rest of the near side sill box ready for welding


Had a play trying to make an opel lightning flash panel for the centre of the bullhead panel,

First attempt ended up here lol


well, flashed some paint over it to see what it looked like


Rear side I quite like too


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I quite like the raised edge rather than the recessed edge, so when you get happy with the technique try a good one as an "outy" instead of an "inny". That sounds like your attempt isnt very good but i dont mean that, its very good attempt  B)




ps cant help thinking you need an eaton m112 with that motor . (Bigger the blower the less heat for a given boost)

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Agree with you on the beading tony.

Reason I've gone with m90 is it suits the level of tune I want, I don't want to spend tonnes of money on new lower comp Pistons are bolta etc. Want to stick with stock compression bottom end, which from all evidence ive gathered will be fine for around 8 psi of boost which the m90 will make happily with a 2.6" pulley and the stock crank pulley. For the cooling side of things water/meth injection will most probably be my route as inserting an inter cooler between the charger and manifold is not an option as itl raise the engine height far too much. Even now it going to be tricky not to have a bonnet bulge,

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Just...y'know....for interests sake and all, how much taller (if any) is that blower setup over the factory intake?

Haha, well hopefully I'll only be adding an inch once I've milled down the lower inlet and made a flange To bolt the charger to. But we'll have to see, I'm going to have to put in a bonnet bulge either way, which isn't what I wanted , but I can't get the engine any lower with building a totally custom front axle setup.

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Not a major leap in progress but been working on the steering column


, I may scallop the chassis rail and then add material back to outer edge to some more room


me seats I really like too, quite rare to find of italian origin, they will need re trimming of course but they fit the 'being different' criteria without being too whacky we will see if can get them at a decent price.

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Managed to squeeze nearly a full day in on the manta, finished up the near side cill and body mount


As I was on a roll I got the drivers side done too!


ht now the floor has come up 80-100 mm, but if a flat mount the seats and raise the fronts up whiny be far off what they were originally, I also am looking at making some recesses around the chassis rail for feet to rest in when on the pedals, not bothering passenger side I don't think.


Next up is fabricating the rear tubs, as it really needs some rigidity going back in the rear end of the body! Ooooeeer

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Like the seats mate pretty unique.


On something completley different i noticed you had rota zero or calibre vice rims on your other motor. was wondering what size you went with and offset



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Rota zero yes, they are 8x15 I believe, I'm unsure on offset, I think they are et20. The tyres have a slight stretch to clear arches, and they do easily no catching at all, full lock still fine with the wicked manta turning circle!

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