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Hello (Again!) Folks!

Retro Power

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Hi Folks!

Its Nat here, long term manta-er!

I've returned after many years, a few on here will know either me or my brother. A few visits to the ashby folville meet this year inspired me to rejoin the manta fraternity, as they really are getting extremely rare now!! (like ours and Mick Harbidge's were the only ones I saw all year there!! )

I know my old spare B-coupe is now in Clive Armstrong's hands and is progressing fairly well given his busyness recently, will be a very nice car when done, its a good shell which are hard to come by these days!

There are long term plans for the GTJ (currently 2.0 8 valve sri engine) but won't go into that yet as things are too busy to do it yet!!

I see Chris Tee is back in the manta fold as well so good stuff

As this seems to be the thing to do on here, here's my manta history - If I remember correctly lol!

1986 GTE Coupe, owned in 1995, sold in '97

1988 GTE Exclusive Coupe, owned in 1996, converted to 16v and throttle bodies, crashed into rear by truck, beyond saving, scrapped in 1998

1979 Berlinetta Coupe, cut up and used chassis rails and front floors to rebuild.....

1986 I200 - C476 XNX, bought from Airdrie as basket case with no chassis rails left

1986 GSI Coupe, can't remember what happened to that!

1976 Berlinetta Coupe, road rally car, crashed and done nowt with, but its fit for scrap!

1980 GTJ, formerly Martin Warner's car, blew original 1.9, converted to 2.0 OHC etc etc, crashed into by truck while parked, rebuilt, used as spare daily driver till recently

1985 Berlinetta 1.8 hatch, absolute basket case bought last week for spares, scrapping soon!

That's one side of things, the other is 200hp vauxhall XE 16v powered lotus 7 clone (self built car, IRS chassis based on pre-litigation westfield chassis) , autograss racer, Class 7 twin Aprilia Mille Vee twin powered Fiat 126 spaceframe special, plus Vauxhall Victor FE, and whatever else we have laying around at the time!

Anyway, ta ta for now


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