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Hi there, my names Mike and Im really into my Vauxhalls... Been looking at starting a new project soon, just need to clear out my garage and finally build the workshop ive been planning for a while now... Im thinking of trying to get hold of a Manta A for a base to build my project... so really just after a bit of info about the cars and what im to expect... really condition isn't an issue as I plan to do a full recon on it anyways, strip it down to the shell and build it up from there, im also planning on building an engine for it, ive got in mine a C20NE (pretty good with these engines) only with a twist... A nice Turbo'd 8 valver biggrin.gif thought it could work out to be a nice project thats a bit different...

SO anyone got any advice...

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i'm not that familiar with the a series but as far as i'm aware the usual corrosion problems exist( chassis legs, inner/outer sills , nosecone & lower valence wings , doors and rusting around the c-pillar vents) and panels can be expensive to source , so i suppose the best advice would be buy the best you can or be competent with a welder & ability to shape & form sheet metal into repair sections will help reduce costs , i expect robbie or one of the many A series guru's will be along shortly to expand and debunk any errors :blink:

hope that helps

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nobody able to give any advice?

Glad your not worried about condition, its a pity no one answered you apart from Pat sad.gif

The A is a different beast than the B, parts are more expensive and hard to get and with their age 70/75 they tend to be more rusty, you want good wings, doors, quarter panels, front if possible as these bits cost a fortune.

Click here on what rusts on what to look for with the A series, I wrote it a few years back.



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