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Manta A - 1974 M Reg


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1974 Opel Manta 1.9 Berlinetta - Blue

I only bought this car 8 weeks ago and I am gutted that it has to go, but a car has become available that I have been after for over a year now and I don't have the extra space to keep both of them sad.gif

The car was owned by the previous keeper for nearly 20 years and was restored by him before I bought it. The body condition is excellent and the chassis is solid and with a little bit off attention to the paintwork (it was my winter plan) then this car will look stunning. The engine is in excellent mechanical condition (103000 miles) as is the gearbox and all electrics that are working. The car has a Weber carburettor replacing the Solex unit that was fitted originally. The interior is in excellent condition as it has been fully re-trimmed recently.

The car uses one key that opens all doors,boot and starts the car and comes with 3 spares.

There are a few small marks on the doors where it has been opened in a tight garage by the previous owner, but these do not detract from the cars condition.

The only issues I can find with the car are that it has a knock when in reverse (After speaking to some people on this forum I think it needs a new gearbox rubber) and when it has sat for a couple of weeks it takes approximately 10-15 seconds of turning the engine over to get it to start up. My plan was to take it to my local Weber agent over the Winter to clean the carb/jets and set it up on the rolling road.

The car is taxed until the end of January 2010 and MOT'd until 3rd August 2010.

It will come with all the spares that I got with the car including 1 x Bonnet, 3 x Wings, Front and Rear Lights, Various cables, 2 x Rear Opening 1/4 Windows, 1 x Gearbox, Exhaust Manifold and downpipe, Front Grilles x 2, Fibreglass Manta Turbo Front Bib Spoiler, Solex Carburettor, Cylinder Head, Rocker Cover, Original Steering Wheel and other bits and pieces.

The car is located just outside Carlisle on the border of Scotland (Junction 45 of M6)

If you have any questions please call me on 07979 966633








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Looks like the car is going on eBay this weekend as 3 people have now said they want the car and all 3 have now changed their mind for various reasons angry.gif

Now I go for the lottery of Thiefbay tomorrow unless it sells today, so wish me luck rolleyes.gif

Car will be sold as nowhere to keep here (unless I leave her outside) in 2 weeks time

NEW PRICE £2300......

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