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Which Octane Rating?/low Geared?


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blink.gifGreetings all.Here's an easy one(or so i thought!).

What grade of fuel should i run my 1984 Manta 1.8s auto on?

Opinions differ on this,unleaded,super-unleaded,additives,advance-

retard ignition.Help!

Also the car seems very low geared,4000 rpm at 70mph?Is that about


The car is totally standard by the way

Many thanks in advance. blink.gif

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Revs to speed ratio sounds about right to me, my old Cavvy CIH 2.0 auto felt much the same but I do remember it being essentialy a 3-spd box and able to hit 85 in 2nd so was no slouch either.

Cheers, Colin.

Thanks for your reply.Like your sense of humour by the way.Showed the 'war office',dont think she was all that impressed!! biggrin.gif

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