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Tidy Gt/e Hatch - Scunthorpe - £2995

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Before I start, this is NOT my car. I spotted it tonight at a local dealer who is into classics from the 70's and 80's. It is in the showroom alongside a Mk3 Cortina, Anglebox and an 11k Nova SR while all the new blandmobiles are out in the rain!!

It's at PA Autos in Greetwell, near Scunthorpe. paautos.co.uk or phone 01652 650291

Right, the car (which isn't on the website yet)

Manual D-reg in pale gold. 51k which looks to be genuine.

Completely original spec right down to the radio, has had some resto work and paintwork done, but is very solid. Only areas of concern that I could see are around the sunroof is just begining to go and behind the washer bottle might want further investigation.

Looks to have had work on front inner arches and sills and possibly new rear arches. To a decent standard though.

Few chips, marks and a couple of small car park type dings.

Nearly full MOT on it.

Has been well undersealed and looks good overall, but will need a little TLC to be a full on concours.

That's about it really. Be nice to see it go to a good home and get the pampering it deserves. Would suit especially someone called Edd with the number plate!!

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