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Mantas In Scrap Yards!

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Hi going through some old pics and found these, i have taken these over the years. i no how sad am i taking the camera to the scrap yard but glad i did now!!!!!

Most of the cars in the pics were 1.8's any all went to the crusher with the XE parts still on them, how sad.

Any one recognise any of the cars??? they were all taken in the south yorkshire area!!!!, Enjoy but you may need the tissues???? lol, the red manta B is a rare 1.2 just put the reg in on the DVLA site!!!!


s_yard10.jpgThe Gold GT/E was in the club at some stage it had a OMOC sticker in windscreen????

s_yard13.jpgs_yard12.jpgs_yard16.jpgI Had the Four slot, its mints_yard17.jpgs_yard11.jpgs_yard15.jpgs_yard14.jpg

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heres a couple of my own these were within the last two years at separate scrap yards it didnt take long for the 1.8 to be stripped of its useful bits the rest of the car pretty much remained untill they scrapped it. there is another 1.8 there at the moment again stripped of its worthy parts.

such a sad sight ,i can remember goign to the yard where the gold coupe was,around the late 90s and being able to chose from around 6 to 7 mantas.


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The yard near me used to always have mantas in, once I was there and found a German plate I300 still complete so I had the roof off it and the near new zf lsd and a few other parts..The roof was around £20 and the axle cost a massive £30 complete and now is on Andy Turners 16v.

Wish I had the gearbox now but hayhoo I did ask my m8 who worked there and he did rip it out for me but I never collected and yes it was a 265 dogleg

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