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Mantaray Came To See Me Last Week

simon p

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Chris Collier (mantaray) came over this way last weekend (26th september), he was here nearly 6 hours and we had real good time, i showed him around my different project etc. and we had a great natter.

Just like to say thanks for popping over, i had a really good afternoon, thanks mate. :thumbup

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No problem Simon, I really enjoyed my self.

I've just ordered the book you recomended so will have some reading to do soon. :thumbup

The Carlton has now been taken off the road, as I had to drive back to Coventry on only 5 cyl. with the caravan on the back. It appers that my little misshap did do more damage than I first throught. :(

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It's a book by Boyd Coddington's about how to fabricat and modify Chassies .

You are quite right Robbie, It was a real eye opener seeing Simons work before it's all hiden away behind the paint and interier. :lol:

As my chassie legs on the A are shaged so to speak, I have been thinking about the best way to go about replaceing them, seeing Simons work has given me some new ideas but I need to do some reading first. :thumbup

But if theres one thing I did come away with, it is that I would reccomend Suffolk County mantas to any one looking to have major structural work done to thier car. Simons V8 conversions are a joy to behold and he has them down to a T.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Glad you, got the book on order, weeks of fun reading it over and over.

It sometimes does seem a shame to cover up months of work but there you go, it's nice when someone like Chris comes down and sees it in progress.

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