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About six months ago I bought an unfinished project from Kev Finney. This is not a new occurrence, I've bought several of Kev's old cars. This one's an A Series Ascona estate with an A Series Manta front. It sat at the top of the drive for a while, only progress was to pinch the rear axle from it to put under another car.

Anyway, work has begun. It's now in the garage on stands and the underseal stripping has begun. Underneath is not looking too bad (for a mid seventies car anyway),it'll need a few bits of welding in the boot floor corners and front floorpans but the rest doesn't look too bad. The tailgate, hoever, is gonna be a pain. It's gone around the rear window and along the bottom so a lot of fabrication will be needed. The plan is to swap all the running gear from my 1800 hatch into the Ascona and use it as a daily driver.

Why Asmatic, it's an Ascona/Manta/automatic.

I'll put some pics up if I ever get to grips with this new fangled computermabob

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It will look pretty similar. The look I'm leaning towards is,

Bumperless with all mountings smoothed

Front indicators relocated

Cowl induction scoop


Metallic Anthracite paint

Loads of polishing (obviously)

Stripped out interior.

It will probably end up as my daily driver as I can't afford to run more than one car (s*it I can't really afford one!) but want it so I can be ok parking it at a show.

Struggling with lack of enthusiasm and cash at the mo, but it will get done, hopefully for next year.

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