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Its A Sad Day But Manta Will Live Again, Lol


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Hi people iv just said a sad good bye to my BMW 320 Diesel to fund the Manta Projec, this is my Fourth Project and this time i want it done right!!!! So the Beemer had to go. iv got nearly all my parts now for completion just need some interior bits and a engine but hope to win a valver on ebay in 3 hours????? fingers crossed this is a pic of the BMW and a pic of the Manta its Funding!!!!!!


I will Keep you all posted on my work i have done loads of welding but got loads to still do, Happy Welding!!!!, Paul

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Good Move Paul :thumbup About 3 years ago, I was thinking about buying a similar BMW!

Then thought to myself! for the same money [running costs etc]? Buy myself a new wee 'ultra cheap' Micra

(for running aboot in) and the money I've saved vs running a BMW? pays for mi Manta :D Two for the price of one :D

BMW? Bankers and Bandits me thinks :unsure:



PS 'braw looking Manta you've got there' :thumbup

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Nice Manta Paul. Got my long term project hopefully finished next year. But then I say that every year. At least I have some incentive now. My son has just bought himself his first car, a Nova, and wants to have it running for next years PVS.

I recently looked at a BMW similar to that. 318SE, 9 years old, full spec, all the toys, leather, FSH. Took it for a test drive and I couldn't honestly see what the fuss was about. My Calibra V6 was 11 when I bought it, no service history and it was a better drive (better screwed together) Gone off BMs now.....

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