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Peoples Thoughts On This 83 Coupe?

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On pistonheads ere

Mmmm, not a lot of info in the advert. As some may know im after an xe powered 400 replica, ideally in Red! :thumbup Ideally without a sunroof! :thumbup and ideally with the early chequered interior! :thumbup

Well this coupe looks to cover those 'wants' but it's obviously missing the 400 kit, not overly fussed about engine as i have everything sat here for a conversion. Even prefer the small boot spoiler which i love the idea of against a 400 kit.

Problem being that the asking price is a big lump of my 400 replica budget gone...and ideally id like something to be road worthy straight away rather than having to fit/have the kit/engine fitted etc.

Can anyone give their thoughts on my little dilema here? I don't want to rush into anything for the sake of it. So im still leaning towards the idea of finding a ready built replica i guess.

Idea's on cost of a good kit/cost of fitting etc?

Anyone know the car?

Cheers, Neil.

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My thoughts are this......I think it's quite unlikely that you're going to get something that ticks all the boxes. Let's be honest there aren't that many 400r's out there in the first place and to then add other 'wanted's to the list is going to really limit you. I know it would be great to have a turn key car, but my honest feeling is that to get what you want you're going to have to go and build it and set aside a budget of £5500-7000 in order to achieve something in the condition you'd want to call v.good-mint.

Looking at your profile you're obviously involved in the VW scene and you know how much the boys spend on those motors, so doing it to a harder to find car such as a Manta is going to be equally if not harder to achieve, I know how much i spent doing my first Rallye.....and that was 13yrs ago!

I certainly don't want to put you off, but the thing with most Manta's is that they're going to need work in order to improve the longevity of the shell and that's before all the other mods....of which the addition of the 400 kit is going to be the hardest.....we all know people can slap on a kit, but you don't want it cracking after 6-18months. If you were to consider this one, it looks a decent example, i think you'd easily through £2500 get a 400kit fitted and painted to any sort of standard.

I'd almost consider something like the £800 Coupe that's in the For Sale section and use that as you're base. Go through the shell with a magnifying glass, cure all the faults and then begin the build. It might take longer, but by doing it yourself you'll know it's done right the first time.

Just my two pence worth, either way good luck with the search.

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Cheers for the input, much appreciated :)

I think the fact that i've been into vw's for a good while is half my problem really. The fact that there are plenty of old mk1 golfs/jetta's etc knocking about in all manner of states, fully rebuilt, show cars, good solid standard cars and the like.

One other thing that really holds me back is that i can't weld :( and i don't really want a big project.

Im actually kicking myself at the moment as i wish id have bought Dave's??? :unsure: white 400 replica that was on here/pistonheads a while ago i think. I can't find any details of it now, but lets just say that at 4k id have been looking at it asap if i had the money at the time. :mellow: I don't suppose anyone has a picture of it just to remind me of what i missed out on? :rolleyes:

You looking at the coupe then Jim?


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Ooooh, been watching ebay like a hawk and I hadn't spotted that one cheers Gary :thumbup

If i did have to go the route of buying a none kitted manta, what sort of cash are we talking for me to get one kitted up?

Id have a go at fitting the kit myself :thumbup but would have it painted profesionally.

Seen this at the manta400 site, just missing the bonnet? Clicky Are they good quality? I think id need capri indicators? anything else?


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Cheers Gary :thumbup I thought they only sold the i240 kit though? May have that wrong?

The red coupe above...Are we thinking it's purely that price due to the mileage? I know from experience that mileage isn't everything, as the shell is still as old as it is etc...I've emailed the seller for a few more details anyhow.

Where is Diashag? He had bloody loads of 400R's at one point didn't he? :o:lol: Id still much prefer a ready built one really.


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