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My 16 Valave Rebiuld By Regal Motor Sport

blue manta 123

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im so not im pressed by the total waisters at regal who took all my time and money and did the most crap of crap rebiulds ever.ive done just over 300 miles now in my manta A and the engine is shot.ive taken engine back out now and the crank is knackered the bores are shot so here we go again more money on things that you pay these people to do for you and yep they mess it up.im now going to rebiuld it with the help of a friend.ive sent the crank off to be reground and the engine block for a rebore.

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Damn...Sorry to hear that mate :( Surely the work is guarenteed?

I thought Regal were prodominently a vw/audi type of company? May have that wrong, I often hear about them on the vw forums i use and haven't heard anything like this before. Hope you can get it sorted mate.


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Assume these are the prople you are refering to:-


If so how did you pay for the work? if by credit card you may have some recourse though the credit card company

Also you will need to document what work they undertook and the work that now needs to be carried out to resolve the current problems you have.

List out all the faults / problems, i think you have to give them the opertunity to sort it out.

If they refuse you can claim against them for the money you have spent and the costs to put it right.

Put it all in writing to them, send by recorded delivery or hand deliver and get a signiture for the letter, give them 7 days to respond, if no responce follow up with second letter by recorded deliver.

If no responce take them through the small claims court to recover your costs, i think it is about £50 to do this.

You have to follow certain steps in order to relaim your money plus costs etc.

Speak to CAB or if you no anyone in the legal profession they will be able to advise you.


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