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100 Years Of Rallying History @ Autotron Netherlands Cancelled !

Blue Thunder

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I guess some of you can remember a Manta Club Netherlands rally at the Autotron years ago. For those who happen to be in my country next year by the end of May, this show might be something for you. A short translation (hope it's legible): a 100 years of rallying history is an event that covers rallysport in all it's aspects. Highlight will be a test demo of original 2WD rally cars from the 1970-1985 era. Plus everything concerning rallysport in the past and in the future: rallysprint, meet & greet with top drivers from th 70's until present day, rally movies (old and new), rally diner and afterparty. A display of rally cars from 1910-2010, with stands from rally car preparators, -tuners, and event organizers, historic rallying, a rally car drag race, wall of fame, rally simulators and a car club weekend.

More info: http://www.rallyhistorie.nl Note: this a new site and more info is 'under construction' and will be on-line later.

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Important message:

This event has been cancelled until further notice by the organizers. There has been a complaint regarding the special stage. Organizers are now looking for another way of making this event happen, taking all rules about noise levels etc in consideration.

In the meantime, an English version of the site has been launched: http://www.rallyhistorie.nl/eng/index.html

Don't have much time to visit the forum, but I will keep you informed.

See you at Billing this summer!



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