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Just thought I'd post a hello seeing as I'll probably be using the forum quite a lot in the upcoming future. I've never owned a Manta until now, but always liked them when I was younger and they were a current car, so when the time came to buy myself a cheap car for a toy this one became the favourite - was looking at Mk1 Astra's (which was my first car :)), Manta's and Mk1 Golf or Sirocco's.

My plan was to get hold of a decent base car that could be used as a mostly daily driver (at least three times a week), that could be restored. I then started to look at some of the conversions that people have done with the C20XE engine and liked the idea of that. Eventually a car came up that looked ok and was in the right price range (advertised on here actually), after numerous emails and pictures from Mike (thanks mate) it was time to make a lengthy trip down to Reading to take a final look and purchase.

So here it is:


It's not mint, but it's a good starting point... It's got a few problems, but nothing that can't be overcome. I'll probably start a project post as well once I get under way with all the fixes/mods.

I used to own a TVR 350i (Series II) and this car's not too far from the performance I used to get from that, it's also just as twitchy in the wet ;)

Hope you'll all go easy on me, all the advice you can offer me in other topics will be mostly appreciated!

By the way, I'm in the Bolton area.

Thanks for reading!


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