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Crazydaves Bargain 1985 Manta Gte Coupe


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Hi everyone

Heres my new project. A 1985 black opel manta gte coupe which i saved from a local front garden. She had sat there untouched for 3 and a half years under a tree after the previous owner got sick of her appetite for rocker arms. He had spend a lot of money on the car plenty time and effort a good bit of restoration and a proffesional respray. Cost of the car? £500.......

As taken to my local mot station by dial a tow.

Looking a bit sad covered in moss and tree sap and a non runner with seized brakes. Note the lovely plastic 'discs' on the rear over the drums! Hastily launched across the yard when the rear wheels were removed! Also horrid blue three point harnesses!



£400 and an mot later including 4 toyo proxes sort wiring for rear lights unseize and replace front brakes full service and get her running again (old fuel and a choked fuel filter the cause) one minor weld on o/s front chassis leg for mot and a quick steam clean she looked like this.


Getting there.......

Added new black sabelt harnesses and a much better (imo) looking manta sr steering wheel



Quick tidy up and polish by myself and she came up like this........


Then after a cutting compound and proper machine buff and some minor paintwork by my painter jake who does my paintwork for the cars at my work. I work as a sales manager at a second hand car retailer.


And as she sits now after fitting my new englemann mirrors the other day.


Shes as good as she looks in the pics only rot is some bubbling round the sunroof in the usual place which i have a replacement roof panel for ready to sort. No other rot and believe me i've looked as this is my seventh manta! Very happy with her and feel very fortunate to have picked her up for the money i did. Big plans for this one!

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