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Brake Bias Valve Plumbing Help


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Well I'm in the crap with this, went and bought meself some new flare nuts at long long last and went to plumb the brakes in yesterday, but for the life of me i could not remember the route of the brake lines in and out of the bias valve.

The pic shown below is what I think is the route and the Bias valve is off of a T plate Manta. The later pre facelift 'B' series had similar Bias valves


As far as I can think going clockwise from left to right, the connections are Back brake line from Master cylinder ........ Back brake out to back brakes......... Front brakeline in from the Master cylinder.......... Front brake line out to N/S front brake

Could someone please correct me or say yes mate that is correct, thanks in advance.

in the meantime I'll try to stop the GF palying with me flare nuts :blink:

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