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My Ascona A


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At least i found this forum, where maybe i could get some help. :)

i have ascona (1972) by accident i got that car and now i have to take care of it. some things i do by myself, mostly body works. also i will try to sew seat covers.

did anybody tried to sew them? maybe have project or something to help, or maybe they are simmilar to some new car seats.

i hope next summer we will be on a road


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Welcome to the forum fear , the easiest way to recover the seats if you want a factory look is to remove the existing covers & dismantle them to make template pattern's from. you can reuse some of the bits but you will really want to use an industrial sewing machine but you can get by with a good domestic one but it will be a little more difficult & may struggle with the thicker area's & some plastics & pipeing.

alternatively any seat will fit if you are willing to make it fit.

hope thats of some help :)

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thank you. whan i saw the car first time, i thought it will be ok like it is, but more i do more i see things to do left.

p1180916.th.jpg old picture - it was new

p1190036.th.jpg too many doors.

copyofp1190658.th.jpg and rust everywhere

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oohh just after noticing a clean looking manta hatchback in your second picture !

is that yours too ?

no, it is my friend's. it is almost done, just waiting for a new body colour. also in summer.

here is too cold to do something now. that is why i want to work on seats or something portable :D

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