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My New Workshop

simon p

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After 3 years of working in my old workshop, i'm on the move, just 6 miles away. With the help of the inlaws and talking it over alot with Natalie (the missus) we've decided to all up sticks and move, not only the workshop but our ourselves aswell. The inlaws have relocated too.

We've bought a small farm (which isn't a farm anymore). The inlaws have moved into the farmhouse of 1625 vintage and i'm going to restore a barn for us to live in.

Anyway......... here's my new workshop, was and old big farm so all the outbuildings were set up for that, were just starting to clear it, ready to rebuild the interior. Plans includes a couple of ramps, one 4 poster a two poster, a machine shop, external paintbooth, underfloor heating and a suspended ceiling along with customer lounge with a TV, drinks facilities etc.

I'm only going to be able to build this as and when i can so it may take a while.


This lean to will go and a new extension will be built.


Father in law and Nat taking out the pig stys.


All cleared out. This open wall will be all glass (hopefully). Got the Cortina back for more work, also my daughters gokart wants a quad for Chrismas!!


The view out of the workshop over open fields, lovely. I bet i wont get a lot done.

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Looks idyllic, I take it with the combined ownership of the farm and using it as your workplace too it'd be much easier on the pocket. Perhaps your last place had this anyway but farms tend to have potential 'test tracks' so there's another benefit.

Of course now you need to grow a beard and wear a flat cap! :lol:

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Thats chaps, it's a lot of work, i'm going to need all the encouragement you can offer :thumbup.

We've allocated time again this weekend, all the work planned out, almost hour by hour, i've even roped my nephew and his mate in to help.

There is another building we're tackling this weekend, it's also devided up inside into pig pens, they're coming out and it going to be a car store. My long term plan maybe to offer winter storage to Manta owners.

Rick-manta, its not a working farm anymore, it's been turned into a sort of "yuppies weekend place" most of the land was sold off to ajoining farms. We're left with around 3.5 acres, most of which is lawned.

Also had some more news this week regarding our barn conversion, we had the local planners to inspect it, hopefully we'll have planning permission soon, i'm already bricking myself, wondering what the hell i'm doing. I'll post some more pictures when we've made some more progress.

Retro power, i was out your way a few weeks ago (staying in Nuneaton before going to 'grand designs' show at the NEC) so i dropped by to see you both, but you we're all shut up, i was hoping we could make a new start and all that. :D

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Retro power, i was out your way a few weeks ago (staying in Nuneaton before going to 'grand designs' show at the NEC) so i dropped by to see you both, but you we're all shut up, i was hoping we could make a new start and all that. :D

Hi Simon, yep, I'm sure we can!:)

Yea, we had a spate of being anywhere but here running around fetching stuff from all over the place, thankfully most of the forseeable stuff is here now!

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I dream of a worksop that size!

I like the "This open wall will be all glass (hopefully). "

Sit down when the quote comes in for the glass! If you can find someone to make it.

Truely best of luck, im coming to the end of refurbing a house i bought nearly 2 years ago.

Just remember - every bit you do is a bit you wont ever have to do again. Just keep plodding on and one day you realise that you've got through half way and the end is in sight. Dont let the mid-way blues stop you.

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Aye yae kin dae alot win yon,und awe gid start wi yon big dumper,jist need thi mixer tae gang wi it und awe few brick & block.

Office area,Parts/Panel Store,strip doon shed,body shop,spray booth yup kin see it awe and wan big hole dug in awe yon lawn fur thi pool when it gangs tae hot in thi summer :thumbup awe thi best wi yur conversions.


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They are amazing, bit clean though. Gives me some more ideas. :thumbup

Been doing more this weekend, my backs killing me. The glass doors/wall will actually be made from 12mm Lexon sheet, it's the same stuff riot shields etc. are made of. I'm making all the door frames, runners etc. myself.



The other old pig sty, it stands behind the main barn.


Half way through cllearing it out.


All clear, just needs cleaning up. This will become my storage area for parts, cars etc.

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Got a bit more done this weekend, i've been concentrating on the car storage garage. I needed to take out the old small doorway to enable access for cars. I've put in a new door frame now so cars are already going in, i now need to make some good solid doors.


As for our new home, well here it is.


The plan was to build an extension where the concrete pad is and where the rubble is piled up at the moment but it would cover the large square opening in the side of the barn. There was a lean to shed already there but was removed by the developer as it was unsafe. The concrete pad is about 15ftx35ft so we thought we could have two large bedrooms there, leaving the rest of the barn go be a large open plan living area, however, it seems the planners want to leave the opening exposed and fill it in with glass, great. The barn is really big enough to convert the way we want to. More meetings with the plannners i can see in the future.

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Great to see this project unfold mate, and a four poster in the workshop too? (Is that where you'll be sleeping?) I look forward to popping up to see you in your new home sometime then, and fingers crossed it all goes well for you Simon.

Wish you all the best for a good Christmas too, and hopefully catch up with you sometime next year.



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Look fantastic Simon - and you are cracking on with things too....you don't hang about do you?

If you are looking at offering some dedicated Manta storage, I'm sure that there are a few of us that could keep you in business!

It will be interesting to see how you are getting on, so keep on with the photos!

All the best....exciting times!

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