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Exclusive Rear Spoiler


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Hi, I have just dug this out my garage today (25/11/09). It is from a 1987 GTE Exclusive Coupe. I have had it in dry storage, wrapped up in foam sheeting for the last 11 years (after removing it from my own car at the time). I was going to put it on ebay along with some other parts I am clearing out, but thought I would try here first as shipping it may cause damage. It is Dolphin Grey, has no cracks and is in very good condition. If your car was the same colour you could bolt it on without needing a respray, IMO. The only minor thing I can spot is a very slight blemish on the top (see circle on 2nd pic below). It really is minor and you can't really see it in the first pic. The surface of the paint is not broken.

If you are interested let me know how much you will give for it. I have been out of the scene for ages, so make me a reasonable offer, and we can take it from there. Would prefer it collected. I am based in Reading, 1 mile from J10 M4. Tel: 07788550370




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